Tom Hayes is our celebrity superintendent. He’s built homes for people whose names are widely recognized, and is unfazed by the demands of the famous and the infamous.

Tom began working for WSA in 1997, when his first assignment was building a barn for an eccentric Hollywood director in the San Juans. Over the course of his career, Tom’s built everything from cabins to multi-million dollar estates. There’s literally nothing he can’t build. It’s his manner of construction that sets him apart as an exceptional project superintendent. His planning and preparation skills are exemplary. His leadership is unquestioned. And his clients have consistently remarked about his ability to listen to their ideas and concerns.


“ When we desired a change, or unforeseen problems arose,” said a recent client, “Tom provided us with viable options, with the pros and cons of each option. He looks out for the client.”

Tom lives with his wife, Lori, on Gold Creek with their two dogs, River and Sage. He and Lori have two daughters and four grandchildren.Tom loves the outdoors, with a lifelong enjoyment of fishing, hiking and camping. Summer is motorcycling and boating season. And since moving to the Methow, he and Lori have become addicted to snowmobiling. Fortunately for us, and our clients, he’s still available for work on Monday through Friday.



One of his most recent projects was a showcase home featured on The Travel Channel, Home and Garden Television, and in numerous home and lifestyle magazines.