WSA's approach to managing projects in the Methow Valley is somewhat unique, in that we are large enough to enable our workers to focus on what they do best.

WSA's management team takes care of all the tasks that are as important as construction quality: estimating, scheduling, purchasing and accounting. Most important, our management team plans the strategy for each project well in advance of the project start date. The approach enables us to reduce lag time in scheduling, expedite on-time delivery of materials, and identify the superintendent and crew members who are best-suited to a particular project. For our clients, it means a smooth and efficient project.

     Don Wallis

     Jan Wallis


Don Wallis is the President and Founder of WSA Construction. Don provides broad company oversight.


Jan Wallis' bailiwick is primarily fiscal. She pays the bills, manages the payroll, works closely with Pete on the billings and manages the corporate tax and insurance payments.


     Pete Wallis



Pete Wallis wears more hats than any other member of the management team. His responsibilities include assignment of equipment and manpower, internal communications, budget assessments, equipment acquisition, bill writing and accounting and new product research. Add project management and sales, and you have a full plate.