Don Wallis first established WSA Construction in the early ‘80’s. Many of the company’s early projects were log homes, including his own place near Twisp. Since his youth, Don has always had an appreciation for all things wood – fine furniture, massive timber homes and detailed joinery. That fondness for woodworking has been passed on to his two son, Donnie and Peter, who both fill important roles in the company. Over the past twenty years, with Don’s leadership, WSA has built all kinds of houses. A few have been modest cabins. Some have been comfortable weekend or retirement homes. Many have been the kinds of homes you’ll see in the pages of Fine Homebuilding or Sunset – places with the craftsmanship only offered by the most talented construction teams.

Don is often the first person our clients meet when they are considering building a new home. Entering into the construction of a new home can be a daunting prospect. But Don has a unique ability to calm fears and instill confidence at the beginning stages of a new project. He’ll help guide you through the process in a friendly but thorough and professional manner that sets the tone for the whole project.

Once a project gets off the ground, Don’s involvement with clients will diminish, as the daily tasks of scheduling, purchasing, managing crews and client communications are the responsibility of project managers and superintendents. With many projects underway at any given time, Don continues to provide broad oversight and direction to the entire WSA team. (On occasion, his degree in engineering from the University of Washington comes in handy, particularly when difficult structural questions arise.) As a former Navy pilot, Don still enjoys flying, and uses his helicopter in the regular course of business.

With two sons who are able to take the reigns when he’s away, Don and Jan have begun to enjoy some traveling. But his greatest pleasure is spending time with his three grandchildren: Damien, Calvin and Claire.