Donnie Wallis spent many hours in his youth building projects in his Dad’s woodshop. Today, Donnie is still building, but his projects have become more ambitious than they were in his youth. Donnie has supervised construction of some of the finest homes in the Methow Valley. He’s built more timber frame homes than anyone in the region, and is the acknowledged master of complicated joinery and massive timber work. Give him a pile of lumber, and he can form it into a work of art.

Fine craftsmanship is not his only asset. His crews are noted for their working harmony. And his clients appreciate the manner in which he manages the construction of their home. One owner recently said, “We were extremely impressed with Donnie and his crew. Donnie scrutinized the complicated details, while supervising and leading a highly-skilled team.”

Donnie has been getting similar reviews since he was a young man in his twenties nearly two decades ago in the San Juan Islands.


Donnie Wallis certainly isn’t the only superintendent at WSA who is capable of building a fine home. All the company foremen are mature professionals with vast experience. But if you’re considering something special – massive timbers, intricate woodwork, or a complex structure – Donnie Wallis is your man.