In 2005, WSA acquired Edson Construction, a company that had been responsible for the bulk of the concrete work in the Methow Valley for more than a decade. With the addition of the equipment and expertise, WSA’s crews are the preferred choice for a wide variety of projects.

Our clients include SES Americom, for whom we fabricate large foundations for satellite tracking stations. We also construct cellular telephone tower foundations, as well as a host of commercial and residential projects. Foundations and flatwork, aircraft hangers, retaining walls, sidewalks, curbs, and patios are routine procedures. However, we also offer a variety of custom services, including color-integrated mix, acid etching, cutting and scoring and other decorative treatments.

WSA’s high-efficiency concrete crew is in constant demand, and utilized by many of the other general contractors in the valley. Like our excavation division, an in-house concrete division enables WSA to expedite efficient scheduling, while at the same time assuring quality control.